Filmueca Studio

Filmueca started as a small business in 2015. Had clients as lawyers, programmers and local companies.

Filmueca not is only a name of a brand, Is a character's name. It's my utopic self.

Now we're cooking an educational animated web serie. ^◡^

Animating your senses.

Filmueca specializes in:

  • Storyboard

  • Animatics

  • Experimental Animation with mix media

  • 2D animated music videos

  • 2D animated commercial spots

  • 2D animated film credits

  • Production Design planner / Visual Development

of the film

Experimental music video

2d digital animation, rotoscope and motion graphics.

Selected festivals:

Actual collab with Temporada de Girasoles

Travels that made Filmueca through this years:

Premio Tijuana Joven 2016

Local young entrepreneur award.


Visit Canada with a INJUVE programm to see how the mutimedia industry develops there.


Met film animated masters like Jorge Gutierrez and Bill Plymthon

Let's collab !

Write for any idea you hace in mind to your brand, band, business, film, documentary or personal story... I can help you to develop, organize and animate it!