Work Hard, Play Hard

I love to play while I teach,

while I work. That' s my craft.

I am a Montessori girl, I learn that way in my first 3 years of school in kindergarden.

I love that teaching and I try to replicate now but with teenagers and adults.

My base of extracurricular workshops since 4 years ago is in the school CETYS Universidad Tijuana.

It' s very interesting how students from different careers express themselves through art. Administrators, engineers, humanists but at the end of the day we are all human beings and we have something to say that can' t be told with words. That' s when art comes to life and the

art therapy guide facilitates this comprehensive learning.

In addition to school, I have taught sessions to ā™„ kids in summer camps, ā™„ in prisons and ā™„ to people in rehab.

There are various topics of the workshops that I give personalized and adapted to the group or individual:

  • Art Therapy

  • Creativity

  • Experimental Film

  • Abstract plastic art

  • Fanzine

  • Fundamentals of animation

  • Film proyect development:

-Script writing



-Director's vision

-Art, Cinema and Sound department's vision

Art Therapy Research. | InvestigaciĆ³n de Arte Terapia

This research was made in pandemic to show how art therapy can help young teenagers to destress.

This article is full in spanish.